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Chambal’s Agri Inputs division caters to the Northern, Central and Western Regions of India...

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Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Chambal is committed to building a sustainable enterprise for the benefit of its present and future generations of stakeholders. The Company integrates and follows responsible practices into its business strategies and operations, to manage three challenges – economic prosperity, social development and environmental integrity. Towards this commitment, the Company shall:

  • Build a sustainable enterprise that effectively balances financial strengths with social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Deliver sustainable top-line and bottom-line growth while maintaining the highest corporate governance standards.
  • Reduce its environmental footprint by investing in eco-friendly and reliable technologies and practices.
  • Increase efficiency by optimum utilization of resources and technology.
  • Promote sustainable farming practices to boost crop productivity in rural India through its soil testing facilities and other advisory services.
  • Work towards improving the quality of life by making the communities self-reliant in areas within which it operates.
  • Build lasting social capital through interventions in infrastructure, healthcare, education, vocational domains and other social welfare initiatives for the community residing in the vicinity of its plants and other places in India.
  • Ensure welfare, growth and safety of all people associated with the Company.