Agri Products

Chambal’s Agri Inputs division caters to the Northern, Central and Western Regions of India...

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With the Indian economy booming and the associated need for oil security, Chambal Fertilisers...

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Health Centre

Annual Report - Bio Medical Waste
Monthly Report - Bio Medical Waste

Gadepan-I Environment Compliance

Gadepan-I Compliance Report
Gadepan-I Monitoring Data

Gadepan-II Environment Compliance

Gadepan-II Compliance Report
Gadepan-II Monitoring Data - I
Gadepan-II Monitoring Data - II


Compliance Report -EC -CFG3

Revamp (Phase I & II) Environment Compliance

Revamp (Phase I & II) Compliance Report
Revamp (Phase I & II) Monitoring Data

SSP Plant Environment Clearence & Compliance

SSP Plant - Environment Clearance Letter
SSP Plant - Compliance Report
SSP Plant - Monitoring Data
Compliance Report (CSR Annxure)

Urea Plant Environment Clearence

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SSP Plant Environment Clearence (Dahej)